Pete Gold.

Professional British Voiceover.

Pete is one of Britain’s busiest and most widely-recognised voiceover artists.

He has spent more than 18 years building up an impressive client list.

His voice combines clarity and honesty, with a natural down-to-earth approachability, and a bankable familiarity which lends credibility to any project.

His vocal playing age is between 20 and 50

Commercially, he is booked every day for reads ranging from soft and aspiring to savvy and hard-hitting, and is available from his home studio on ISDN, SourceConnect, IPDTL, or over Skype.

He is also much in demand for conversational corporate animations and e-learning projects, sympathetic or dramatic documentary reads, as well as a wide range of TV promo styles, from cartoons and comedy through to drama and thrillers.

Raised in Sheffield; based near London, Pete is often booked for his Yorkshire accent.

Whether recording in a London studio, or at home, Pete takes pride in his work, and always goes the extra mile to make sure his clients get what they need.

He is best known in certain circles as the voice of the character Hoxton in the Overkill game “PayDay: The Heist”.

Back in 1996, Pete co-founded Excellent Talent: one of the UK’s most respected voice and talent agencies, of which he is a Co-Director.

He is also an accomplished singer, musician and songwriter, and for ten years, he bothered the London stand-up circuit with his unique brand of comedy songs.



"Total pro - always does a great job - flexible & versatile."

Paul Fenwick, Ocicat Film & TV Production

"Pete is a fine professional and a delight to work with. He is blessed with ability and consistently delivers high-quality reads every single session! A top pro, and a thoroughly nice man too!"

Terry Golding, 1st For Creative

"Sounds pretty damn wonderful to me."

Bob Lawrence, The Radio Production Company

"Pete is a phenomenal voice actor who brought to life the character of Hoxton in our game Payday The Heist (and became so popular that we had to bring him back for the sequel). He's great at ad lib, he sings and he always impresses in how he gives everything even in demanding (screaming/shouting) voice recordings. Pete's easy going and a joy to work with."

Simon Viklund, Overkill Software